Saturday , August 18th 2018
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Funko POP Movies The Big Lebowski The Dude Vinyl Figure

Funko POP Movies The Big Lebowski The Dude Vinyl Figure

Is there anything better than The Big Lebowski? No, there really is not. If you have a friend that reminds you of this classic character, you need this vinyl figure. It will make the funniest Christmas gift for your friend, and everyone will roll in laughter. This vinyl figure is hilariously adorable, and it looks just like the character we all love. Between the sweater and shoes, this vinyl figure has the whole outfit down. You can almost hear the iconic lines being said through this tiny adventurer. If you need a funny gift, this is the perfect item to do it.

Best Features

The Dude looks just like you think he should. He is wearing the classic polo with the sweater, holding a cup of coffee, and is decked out in some shorts with the strappy sandals. He stands at just 3 ¾ inches tall, so he is the perfect desk buddy. He is just $11.99, so it is totally worth the price.

What’s Included

When you purchase this vinyl figure, you get the iconic The Dude character from The Big Lebowski movie.


This is the cutest version of The Dude that you will find. It is reminiscent of the classic movie, and your family and friends will love to receive this small but funny reminder. If you like The Big Lebowski, you definitely need this.


If only he was a little taller, or if he said some iconic lines that would make him better.

Final Verdict

For only $11.99 you get an awesome vinyl figure! Seriously, that is a steal. This is the perfect white elephant gift for a white elephant exchange, and you will only be spending $12! You will not regret purchasing this when everyone starts laughing hysterically.