Saturday , August 18th 2018
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Giant Luxury Inflatable Pink Flamingo Pool Float – Includes Pump – Jumbo Pool Toy Floatie Raft

Giant Luxury Inflatable Pink Flamingo Pool Float – Includes Pump – Jumbo Pool Toy Floatie Raft

You can never have too many pool floats, especially when they are as cool as this one. This flamingo float will become the envy of all your friends, but if you want you can share it with one because it is so big! This is the perfect float to use in your pool, or on a tropical vacation. This pool float will never let you down, and you can use your inner Taylor Swift to become the coolest person at the pool. This is an awesome Christmas gift, especially if you already have a vacation planned. If you don’t, start planning a vacation to justify this pool float!

Best Features

The color on this flamingo pool float is unreal, it is so bright! They are cute colors that would be perfect in a retro pool photo shoot. The pool float is huge at a whopping 80”. It is crafted with heavy duty vinyl that it very thick, so you donn’t have to worry about it popping or breaking from regular and normal use. It also includes an air pump that makes it super easy to inflate without killing your lungs. If you are looking for the perfect pool float, congrats, you just found it.

What’s Included

When you buy this awesome pool float you get the 80” pool float that is shaped like a flamingo. You also get the included air pump to help you air this huge thing up.


This pool float isn’t going to kill you lungs, because it comes with its own air pump! This pool float is also very unique, so you don’t need to worry about it being the same pool float everyone else has. This is surprisingly comfy, and it is pretty sturdy on the water. It is the perfect pool float to lay out and tan in, but don’t expect to hit any sweet waves with this thing. You can easily lounge and drink on it, but that is where it ends.


There isn’t a cup holder! The only thing that would make this pool float cooler is if it had a cup holder.

Final Verdict

You definitely won’t be finding a cooler pool float anywhere online. This is super unique, and the baby pink color is adorably retro. If you want to stand out at the pool, this will get you the unique pool float you need at just $46. Don’t hesitate to purchase it, you are going to love it.